Friday, September 10, 2010

I need to update

And since I've been so horrible I'm so sorry! Let me just hit some bullets:

  1. Taylor is completely potty trained!!! YEAH!!! Now that was not that hard. THANK YOU PRESCHOOL!!! Emily is potty trained at night so no pull ups for her AT ALL. Taylor still needs pull ups at night although she doesn't like to wear them.
  2. Connor started Kindergarten. It was great! Then Wednesday hit, and Thursday and Friday and the following Tuesday he was screaming hysterically because he didn't want to me leave. Then on Thursday he was screaming hysterically because he didn't want Daddy to pick him up. Make up your mind boy!!
  3. Connor still does not like buttons. I shocked and awed him the first week but every day the second week was him saying I don't like buttons! Ugh. He needs to get over that.
  4. Taylor and Emily started a new year at preschool. They moved Emily up to the Busy Bees (3 year old class) and Taylor stayed back in the Sunshines (2 year old class). Hopefully these couple of months of separation will benefit them both. Taylor is way too dependent on Emily.
  5. Taylor and Emily had their first dentist appt. Taylor screamed hysterically. Emily didn't even utter a whine.
  6. We went and visited Grandma and Grandpa for Labor day weekend. It was nice to see them and the Aunt's and Uncle's and cousin Evan.
I think that's pretty much the highlights. Connor starts soccer this Saturday. Should be interesting. Hopefully he takes to it better than tball! I think he will though it's much more fast paced. The girls finished gymnastics and did great. I'm thinking of signing them up to do dance at school. I think they would both enjoy it a lot.

I'll try to update more! Sorry it's been so sporadic. I'll try to be better!!!

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