Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boggles My Mind

I was just thinking about Taylor and walking (or her lack thereof for so long). Can you believe that she hasn't even been walking for a year yet? She did not start walking until she was 19 months old. But then she didn't stop! You would have never known it took her so long to walk. I remember going to the doctor for her 18 month checkup and saying my concerns. Of course that week, she started to pull herself up and walk furniture more than she had. And of course, a week later, she was fulling walking! But that didn't occur until June of last year! Now she is running, jumping and climbing everything! Go figure!!!

This was a camping trip and Emily was walking and Taylor was crawling everywhere! She had so many holes in the knees from doing that!!

Same here. Even though Taylor is standing, she wasn't walking at this time. What a difference a year makes!!!

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