Thursday, March 04, 2010

Taylor's Sleeping Habits

I don't think I've ever gone into detail on Taylor's sleeping habits - or lack thereof. Connor was an awesome sleeper. Or we could bring him into our bed on occasion when it warranted it. I feel guilty when I think about bringing one of the girls in the bed because I'm leaving the other one out so instead I make them deal with it and go back to bed. The other thing I was lucky with Connor about, was even after we switched him from a crib to a toddler bed, he would never get out of bed. Even in the morning when he would wake up, he'd ask for permission. Emily is the same way for the most part. Taylor - well - she has her own mind. She will get out of bed and get a toy, get a book, or run down the hallway in the pitch black of night and stand in our doorway. Well, now she will come into our room but she just stands there. Doesn't make a sound. Sometimes she will say Mommy. Sometimes she just waits for me to get out of bed and walk her back to bed. She has never wanted to sleep with us. We have had her come into bed after she has done this for the third time in about 30 minutes. But she has never asked to sleep with us. I guess that is a blessing. But basically the only thing she has wanted was for us to put her blanket back on her. Her blanket. She can dress herself but she can't put her own blanket back on her?!? Ugh. I'm trying to wean her of this but poor Emily was woken up last night by her crying and then SHE wanted her blanket put back on her. Now I KNOW Emily can put her blanket back on herself. So needless to say, they are NOT sleeping through the night and I really need a good nights sleep one of these days.

I do have to say though it is funny when I rethink about it the next morning because you just hear her little feet pounding down the hallway. I mean POUNDING. She is sprinting down the hallway. It's amazing actually. She must have some pretty darn good night vision!

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MommyofSweetpea said...

That's too funny! Such simple things but they want mommy to help. Looks like you have a light sleeper on your hands...good luck. I never sleep through the night myself...not fair! Hopefully it doesn't last for you though.