Friday, January 23, 2009

We Be Like Same!

That is what Connor says whenever he realizes that something is alike. "We be like same". So we were watching Handy Manny last night (his new love - but it is so much better than Caillou!!!). On this particular episode, there was a new character named Mr. Singh (for those that don't know, that's our last name) - so Connor says, "That's ME!" I'm like "What Connor?" Connor say," that's me! We be like same!" Wow, so he really does know his name!

This morning we were getting ready to leave and go to daycare and Connor is in his bedroom asking to take "that' to school. I keep asking him what's that? I can't see what "that" is. He is getting really bad at pointing lately and not using words. I'm thinking it's because that is what Emily and Taylor are doing. But anyway, I'm getting the girls in their car seats and I keep asking him what's "that". And I hear him say "N - N -O - R. That's my name." So I ask him, " you mean your piggy bank?" Because that's the only thing I can think of that has his name on it. And he says no. So I go in there and he is pointing at this box that he got for Christmas from Grandma D. It's got a chalk board on one side and a magnetic board on the other and you can put pen/pencils/crayons etc inside it. Very cute. I tell Connor that it's too big to take to school. But I am impressed he knows when he sees his name. My little boy is growing up.

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