Thursday, January 15, 2009

Potty Trained?

Can i actually say Connor is potty trained? We haven't used a diaper since December 20th. We had some rough patches but now, he knows when he has to go and says so. He is mostly dry at night (although we still put him in a pull up at night but not during naps anymore). Can it be?? Can i really say I "only" have two in diapers now. LOL! I think so. =)

I am headed out on a girls weekend this weekend. Laughlin here i COME!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I don't think I've been away since the girls were born. I so need this time to refresh and relax. Good luck Surbjit! No really, he'll do fine. He always does.

In other news, Taylor is still NOT walking. BUT she is getting closer. I can now walk with her. She doesn't immediately sit down now when I try to have her walk while holding my hands. She will actually walk quite a bit before she sits down. She started doing this when we went camping for New Years (yeah I know I still need to download pictures!) with a few steps but now will walk from the living room to her bedroom. So hopefully now that they are 14 months (TODAY!) by the time they are 15 months she will be walking.


Lisa C. said...

can i just say i love you... in a non creepy way of course... lol.. OK, let me explain myself.. i saw your tickers, and your girls are only like 5 days younger than my girls... that peaked my interest, and reading your stories... lol.. made me feel better..
My girls do the same darn things... lol.. Star will take a few steps, climb the stairs, push her sister on those little walker/carts... buttttt Luna? lazy Luna? she walks if you're holding her hands, she climbs the stairs and cruises but as soon as she can feel your intentions to let go... plop.. lol..

Thank you for sharing..

~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

Little Taylor is just like my Gracie so much!

Gracie was around 15-16 months before she started walking! And little Emily is just like my Hannah ;) It's amazing how much our twins are alike ;)

Congrats on getting little Connor potty trained! That is HUGE in my book!