Thursday, January 22, 2009

Birthday Parties . . .

So we got invited to two birthday parties in the next two weeks. Ugh. Part of my New Years Goals this year, I want to make all gifts. I figure I'll save money and people will appreciate it more. So far I'm doing "ok".

Birthday Presents so far this year:

Katrina (3 year old bday): Bought 2 books at a B.Dalton going out of Business and got them for 50% off. Then I made her a book mark. Spent a bunch of money on the ribbon etc at Michaels but now I have ribbon and buttons for another gift. (Will post pic later I did take a pic of it!).

Braeden (6 year old bday): Made a 'Smores Basket. Bought a basket at michael's on sale for 1/2 price ($5) and put marshmellows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers in. Then had dh buy an extra set of these. We already had to buy ourselves another two sets (we only bought one set when we originally bought them to see if we'd like them. Boy do we! And everyone else too! It's so hard to find a good roasting stick!!). Not a bad present if I do say so myself. Darn - I never took a picture of this. Oh well.

So now we were invited to a birthday party for a boy at the twins daycare and then a friend of a friend who's son is turning one. The boy from daycare came to the twins party and got them gifts. The boy who is turning one - didn't make it to the twins bday party. Do I think that means he doesn't deserve a gift? Not in the least. Do I think it means I don't need to spend a lot of money, definitely. And here comes the great question - When you are invited to a birthday party (especially if you are dealing with twins) how do you decided what to spend/buy? Do you get something from each girl? Do you get something more expensive because it's coming from two kids???

This is what I have decided. Remember those great fleece blankets I made for Christmas? Well my coworker went to what I am calling the fabric mart in Downtown LA. Fleece is $2.25 - $3.00 a yard!! WOW! So I went there today and spent $18 and got enough to make a blanket for each boy! But then I thought, I really should get the boy from daycare a little more since he did buy each girl a gift for her birthday. So I'll trek on down to the bookstore and get a book for him (or two) to go along with the blanket. Whew. Now i just need to make the blankets. LOL!

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