Friday, April 25, 2008

4 Month Check up (Ok at 5 months)

The girls had their four month check up on Tuesday. Here are their stats:

birth: 6 lbs 7 ozs 18.5 inches
5 months: 14 lbs 7 ozs 24.75 inches

birth: 4 lbs 13 ozs 17 inches
5 months: 13 lbs 5 ozs 24.5 inches

So Emily is catching up with Taylor!! Although I swear there is more than a one lb difference in weight. If you hold Taylor and then Emily my gosh. Taylor is definitely more heavy. But I think it's because she is more solid than Emily. Emily is my dainty girl!

They both got four shots. And of course, Emily had just started coming down with a cold (runny nose) that morning. She did not fare well with the shots. She had a fever that night and was grumpy. I'm sure not being able to breath out of her nose did not help. So we stayed home Wednesday and she was doing much better by the afternoon smiling again and being her usual self. She seems all fine now but now Surbjit is sick. I sure do hope Connor, Taylor and I don't get it!!!

I know I'm really behind in catching up. I haven't had a chance to blog about Grandma and Grandma D's visit either. I will. Also, Taylor now rolls from back to tummy! And Grandma and Grandma D were able to see it when she did it for basically the first time. Well I will update more later when I have time!!!


Kara said...

They are getting so big!

Outnumbered said...

You have two growing, big girls! Hope Emily and your hubby are feeling better and the rest of you stay healthy.