Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why aren't we sleeping through the night???

Ok, last night. Bath night. I got Emily ready and handed her off to Surbjit to feed. Then I got Taylor ready. Emily fell asleep on Surbjit. Taylor was fighting me (and has been doing that the last couple days). She did eat 5 ozs and then was so tired when I was burping her, her head was on my shoulder and she was fast asleep. Put her in her crib, no crying. Grabbed Emily from Surbjit (who was still sleeping). That woke her up in which I was able to feed her a little more but then she kept fighting me and wouldn't take the bottle. She'd only had 2 ozs. There was NO WAY I could have to go to sleep with just that as that would mean she'd wake up for sure. So I sat her down in her chair. Did a load of laundry and waited for her to get mad. Surbjit got Connor and started gaving him a bath. By this time Emily was starting to cry and freak out so I grabbed her and she ate. She finished about 5 ozs also and was falling asleep so I put her to bed. No crying.

Of course Emily decided to wake up at 12:45am. I tried to just keep giving her her binkie as I don't think she needs to eat at this time. It's just started to become routine for her(which I NEED to break). But in the end, I made a 4 oz bottle and fed it to her. But I swear, half of it ended up on her bib. =( Then Taylor decided to wake up a little after 4am but she was just talking and moving around so I let her be. I finally got her up at 4:45am and got her dressed and ready. And then I had to wake up Emily.

I really hope Emily starts figuring out that waking up at night is NOT a good thing. If I could just get them sleeping through the night again, I'd be a much more rested and happy mom.


~Momma to Twin Girls~ said...

Growth spurt maybe? I read these and think to myself- HOW on earth did Jack do it alone... I worked 3rd shift when my girls were this age.... I guess I was "lucky" to miss this stage LOL :)

No seriously- I don't know why they aren't sleeping/eating like you would think they would other than a growth spurt...


Outnumbered said...

I hear ya! I haven't had a good night sleep in 6+ months! It's amazing I'm not a walking zombie.... or am I? LOL! Hope yours start sleeping better for you soon!