Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Connor picked Strawberries

Last Saturday, Connor and I headed out to Tanaka Farms with my Working Moms group to go on a farm tour and pick strawberries. It was so much fun! We got to ride a wagon pulled by a tractor (Connor's favorite!). It was funny though, every time we stopped he would ask, "all done?". We got to sample fresh grown veggies too. Sugar snap peas, spinach, onions, celery, carrots. Connor didn't really like any of it. Although he did eat some spinach but when I gave him more he spit that out. Hey at least he tries it! The end of our tour concluded with us stopping and picking strawberries. Connor loved picking strawberries . . . and eating them. =) He really didn't pick and and put in the box. I guess that was mommy's job. He would pick a strawberry, say "this is for Daddy" and then proceed to eat it. He probably ate as many strawberries as we brought home! They were really delicious too.

Connor picking strawberries with his friend Jasmine.

Oh, funny story about Connor and Jasmine - after the tour was over we were hanging out talking and letting the kids run around. Well Jasmine WANTED to hug and kiss Connor and Connor was like NO! He kept moving away and trying to get away from Jasmine. It ended up as Connor running in a circle with Jasmine chasing him! It was too cute! Reminded me of the disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean where that lady is chasing that guy. Too funny. I have say, Jasmine finally won out and stole a hug and kiss although Connor wasn't too happy. =)

And we ended the day taking some pictures of the strawberry heads that went:


mandydake said...

Hey Heater, saw you on my blog! Our twins are a month apart. Lets keep in touch. Are you on Twin Stuff? Mandy

Outnumbered said...

What a fun day!

Anonymous said...

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