Monday, December 18, 2006

And Another, and another . . .

We have not one more but TWO more teeth!!! We were on our way back from visiting Grandma and Grandpa and I was sitting in the back seat with Connor and I look and there is another tooth as bright as day on the bottom next to his right tooth! WOO HOO!! No wonder he slept so fitfully on Saturday. That explains a lot. So he is getting THREE teeth in right now. Poor guy. And I can only imagine the other side is going to be soon because they all happen together.

He did really good this weekend and had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa. He even got to visit Grandma's work and go to the Christmas party where he was the hit of the party. =) On Saturday it SNOWED! So we went outside and Connor got to walk and play with the snow. Ok, it wasn't much just a light dusting but it was snowing. =) Once I download the pictures I'll share them. I also got pictures from Grandma for Connor's party so once I get a slideshow going I'll share that since I still haven't had a chance to do anything with my pictures!

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