Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another day . . .

Poor Connor. I feel so bad for him. He's got a runny nose and is kinda congested. He's not as bad as he has been in the past but he's not sleeping really good at night either. Moving all around. I can tell when he wakes up and he's still tired. He'll cry out, sit up in his crib and then fall over. Usually onto his face. It's kinda funny right now as I'm thinking about it but I gasp every time I see him do it. He bangs his head into the crib and it doesn't phase him. What can I do? At least he goes back to sleep pretty easily since he is so tired. He's not snoring so it appears he can breath halfway decently when he falls asleep. I just can't figure out if he's cold or hot. I think he's been hot. I know I've been hot. So we are going to try and put the A/C down to 72 tonight and see how that works.

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