Monday, July 24, 2006

Camping trip that almost wasn't

Well this is what happens when you book camping trips at the last minute and to places you have never seen before! LOL! Which reminds me, darn it all, I never got pictures of the campground. Oh well. So we were supposed to go to Chino camping. Our friends got there Thursday evening and I guess this place just is not all that! It's WAY too close to the dairy and there were a TON of horse flies everywhere. So they decide that isn't the place to camp. So they came home and we decided to try and call some other places and see if they had anything available. We called up Glen Ivy RV park in Corona and they had space available. Yeah! So we got there, they give us our sites, we drive over to the sites and ours has yellow tape around it. UGH! So we went back and got new sites. Finally in the end, we parked and set up camp and went over to the pool (one of the reasons we went there). It felt so good!! Connor really liked it to. Although he got in our friends pool on 4th of July this was the first time he was actually IN the pool with us. He had a blast! Kicking, splashing. I have to download the pictures.

He was cranky that afternoon while we were trying to set up but I believe the reason why is because his second tooth is starting to come in!! We could see the second one popping up next to the first one really good on Sunday. :) Anyway, on Saturday we woke up, had breakfast, played outside for a little bit then went down to the pool. I figured being as hot as it was, the pool would be packed. It wasn't bad at all! We got in, played around a bunch. Connor started getting really tired so we went back to the motorhome. I put him in his crib and he was out! Tuckered out from all the swimming. He did really good on Saturday. He was a grouch on Sunday when we were trying to pack things up and get everything together. He just wanted to be held and played with. I think his tooth is also bothering him. But we made it! We had a good time and we would go back to that campground again if we just wanted to get away some weekend.

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