Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Funny story at Daycare

Tina (daycare provider) is starting to transition Connor to table food (we have him basically transitioned at home). Anyway, I guess yesterday she feed him his jarred food and gave him some noodles that all the kids eat. He ate all his and started taking some more from the other kids! :~p I guess he likes them! Haha!!

I was playing with him last night with his new toy from Tina. I can tell his mind is starting to put things together. She got him a link toy. It's basically plastic toy bugs (butterflies, ladybugs, grasshoppers, etc) that link together. I was showing him how to put them together and take them apart. I gave him two hooked together and he tried to get them apart. It's a little hard for him right now but he sees what to do and is getting the hang of it. He can drop the balls in the Drop and Roar Dinosaur with virtually no problem. He messes up here and there but otherwise he does really great. And anything with wheels, he loves! He turns it over and starts turning the wheels! He is just too much fun!!

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