Monday, November 06, 2006

We have STEPS!!!

That's right! Connor has officially taken his first steps this past Saturday. It's funny too because I saw our friend Melissa on Friday and she was asking if Connor was walking yet and I said no. She was like I figured he'd be walking by his first b-day. That could still happen. =)

First Surbjit saw him go from the couch to his toy. He took about 2 steps and then could grab onto his toy. Later on, I was in the living room with him. He was standing at his favorite toy reaching out to me so I held out my hand and told him to come to me. He started walking, took three steps and then I grabbed his hand as he was about to go down. =) He has since taken a few step here and there. He walks next to me pretty good only holding onto one hand so we'll see. Maybe he'll be walking all over the place on his 1st b-day. :~p

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