Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Houdini

It has taken me FOREVER to be able to post pics. I just downloaded the pics from my camera today and I had like 117 on there. Geesh! The reason I did was because we are going camping this weekend and I want a blank slate on the camera before we go. It's our annual Halloween camping trip. There are like 30+ families going and the initial headcount of kids (not including adults) is 80!!!! It's going to be crazy but I'm sure it's going to be FUN.

But back to the title of my post. Weeks ago, Surbjit took a picture of our little houdini (aka Emily) and how she attempts to get out of her chair. Here is that picture:

Then earlier last week, Surbjit was getting Connor ready in the morning and fighting him (as usual) and all of a sudden, Connor says "Emily. You aren't supposed to be in the hallway." Surbjit looks over. Sure enough, there she is crawling down the hallway. He had left her in her chair in the living room! So needless to say, we've outgrown the chairs. In the morning now, they go in the high chairs for their morning bottle, Emily holds hers and Taylor's now gets propped since she still REFUSES to hold it. We are also getting them up later now so I'm basically saying good morning and good bye. Oh well, I knew it would happen eventually. I guess I'll just play with them more at night. =)
Other than that, not much new going on here. I've got some pictures to share from our weekend but I'll save that for another post! I've got cleaning up to do in the kitchen!

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