Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Connor's Dentist Appt

I was a little apprehensive about Connor's Dentist Appt. You know, his track record hasn't been so good. We started out playing it up and making sure he knew I was taking him. The morning of the appt when we were getting ready to brush teeth, he looked at me with sad eyes and said, "Mommy I don't want to go to the dentist." Feeling a breakdown coming on, I quickly assured him it would be ok. Crisis averted - for now.

Dropped the twins off at preschool and then took Connor to eat donuts for breakfast (yeah I know, but I've promised him if he gets a rainbow everyday of the week, I'll take him for donuts on Friday. So far it's working!). Ate our donuts at the donut shop which was an even more special treat and then headed to the dentist. He was fine all the way until we had to sit in the chair. He still did ok. Didn't like the chair going back. The hygenist then says we need to take xrays. He's never taken xrays. Well, he took xrays but he was completely sedated so I doubt he remembers. Then waterworks started. After getting him in the xray chair and getting the xrays done, we asked him - was that so bad? His answer, No. Yeah! Went back to the chair and laid down. The hygenist brushed his teeth but he wanted nothing to do with Mr. Thirsty. Maybe next time. ;) Then the dentist came in and checked his teeth and declared him cavity free. =) Yeah!!! So all in all - 200% better than any other time he has gone to the dentist!! Hopefully it only gets better from here.

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MommyofSweetpea said...

Sounds like it went well! Each time will get easier...what a trooper!