Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Open House @ Preschool

Last night was the spring open house at the Twins preschool. Since the girls are in the dance class that they offer there they were doing a short performance before we go to visit the classrooms. Yeah - well - all the girls EXCEPT mine did the performance. It went something like this:

Ran into the teacher Miss Stacey who introduced herself to me and then said she would take the girls to put on a little costume, get lined up and go to the stage. After they perform, the will go sit with us in the audience. Yeah well, they had different ideas. Emily immediately says "I don't want to". So I said I would sit with her and walk down with her and be with her up until they are on stage. Still "I don't want to". Taylor "I'm not gonna cry for you Momma." She gets dressed in the little tutu and hair piece (picture is on our camera. I need to download). So I sit with them and try to talk Emily into it for 30 mins. Finally I bribe her that she can have cookies if she will get the outfit on and dance. So she agrees.

I get her in the outfit. She has her cookies. Miss Stacey has them sit down in a line. Immediately Emily starts crying "I want you to sit next to me". I said no, I'll sit behind you. She calms down. Then it's time to stand up and hold hands and Emily won't hold anyone's hand but mine and is crying hysterically. Fine. I'm not going to push you. So we walk down the aisle (the girls including Taylor holding hands, me and Emily following). We all sit down in the front and wait for the girls to go on stage. They go up - except for Emily. Taylor does go! Yeah! They get ready to perform. They each are walking across the stage doing some foot pointing. When it gets to Taylor's turn, she starts crying uncontrollably "I want my Mommy". So off the stage she comes. And that was the end of the dance for them. The rest of the girls finished and danced with no crying. Ugh. Oh well. I guess performers they are not. :sigh:


mrs.izzy said...

That must be frustrating for you! There is a point where you want to urge them on, but not be too pushy. It's tough.

Before Christmas, I enrolled my girls to The Little Gym and though they liked it, every week one or the other gets some sort of performance anxiety. And it's not the same girl every week either. So there I was paying x2 and only 1 goes. It was a very frustrating time. Needless to say, I didn't re-enroll.

MommyofSweetpea said...

We so want our children to do fun things! You did the best you could in getting them to go out! The same thing happened with Mackenzie in dance. She started to cry and missed doing the dance with her class. The funny thing though was that after she decided that she wanted to and ended up doing a dance with not her class and she didn't even know the song...strange child!