Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My first day

Well today is my first day back at work. So far not bad. I'm handling it ok. I did start to cry when I said good-bye to Connor. I think it's hard because he isn't even up yet. And since he is still sleeping I can't really say a proper good-bye. Oh well, we will get use to it. (or at least I will have to).

I do have to say even though I loved being home with Connor, I'm glad to be back at work. It's really nice. Nothing has really changed. Good to get back into the groove and I think I will be a better mommy and I can just spoil my little guy at night and on the weekends when I have him. I know Dad likes being with him the mornings just the two guys. I'm sure he will enjoy their time together before I get home in the evenings too.

Daycare so far is still going good. He's a good boy that seems to just go with the flow. That's a really good thing in my book.

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