Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nothing to report

Connor is still doing really good at daycare. Lorrie (the daycare provider) gave us some pictures of him there. When I get a chance I'll scan them in and share. There is just no time in the day to do that! We are taking Connor camping again this weekend. Dove Springs is where we are going this time. It's off the 14 Fwy north of Mojave near Red Rock State Park. Should be fun. We've been there before but no one else has that is going with us so it should be interesting. We are leaving Thursday night and Jamie, Mike, Adam and Jenni are following us. Hopefully Connor will last the whole trip there otherwise the three families will be pulling off the road to feed him! I don't see why he wouldn't last but you never know.

We finally stopped swaddling him Friday night. For the last couple of night he kept waking up and we are thinking it's because he wasn't swaddled. Finally last night he slept through the night. Makes for a little less tired mommy and daddy but I'm still a little tired this morning. Nothing caffeine won't fix. :)

Other than that, nothing to report. I'll post some pics of our camping trip after we return.

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