Friday, March 03, 2006

He Rolled Over!!

Woo Hoo! My son is a genius! Ok Surbjit had said for the past two days that Connor has rolled over for him. The first time he did it, Surbjit thought well maybe it was a fluke so he turned him back over onto his back and sure enough he rolled over again onto his stomach. So last night Surbjit showed me. He put Connor on his back and Connor was playing and turned on his side and the turned on his stomach, then yanked his arm out from under him and was on his stomach! Yippee!!

On other news - my poor guy. Not only does he have a cold but now he has an ear infection. I hope he gets better soon. He is a real trooper and doesn't mind the medicine that we are giving him thank god! I think this weekend will be a relaxing indoors type of weekend!

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