Thursday, May 15, 2008

6 Months Old!!!

My gosh!! Where oh where has the time gone! Geez! It seems like yesterday I was just posting an update about 3 months! I really can't believe they are already 1/2 a year old. In 6 more months, they will be one year old! (geez, I guess that means I need to start planning their first birthday!!). Let's see. The last two nights Emily has really been trying. She's woken up and cried and cried and cried. Finally I fed her and she went back to sleep Wednesday night but last night she "talked" for a little bit and then I'm assuming went to bed. UGH! I know that girl can go all night. She's done it. She just does it when she wants to I guess. I've said time and time again, it's a good thing she has her bright smile because when she looks at you and smiles, you can't help but NOT be mad at her!

Ok, so what's up with the girls at 6 months:


She is rolling over consistently and is a scooter. She LOVES to sleep either on her side or tummy. You can NOT put her in her rocker and not buckle her in. She WILL fall off because she scoots down. She is now getting baths in the big tub with big brother. It makes bath time a little quicker but she is a squirmy one! She's eating solids now and doing ok. When she is the mood for them, she will open up wide. But if not, she won't take them. She really isn't crazy about rice cereal or peas but likes sweet potatoes and squash. We are moving onto carrots this weekend. =) She sleeps all night for momma because she know how momma likes her sleep. ;-) But she does wake up early. Sometimes around 4am. She is a finicky eater with her bottle. I so can not wait for them to be off the bottle. She fights us and squirms and wants to look at everything but she gets in about 24 ozs a day (4 bottles 5am, 10am, 3pm and 6pm about 6-8 ozs each feed). She is SOLID. She feels so much heavier than her sister and yet she is only about a lb heavier.


She has started to roll over and can but doesn't do it consistently. She wants to sit up all the time and can sit unsupported for about 15 seconds before she tries to fall over. She LOVES to play with toys and will manipulate them in her hand all the time. She also LOVES to take the binkie out of her mouth and put it back in. She can do is successfully a lot of the time. She's my good solid eater. She likes everything and gobbles down an entire jar now! She has had a reaction to sweet potatoes (a diaper rash) so no more sweet potatoes for her for awhile. But she's liked everything we've given her (rice cereal, peas, sweet potatoes and squash). She can sleep through the night although she is choosing not to right now. Makes for one tired momma. But that smile of hers just melts my heart. She is a hard person to feed a bottle to also. Again, I can not wait until they are OFF the bottle. I've introduced a sippy cup to her and she's taken to it. Maybe by the time she is 9 months I can have her off the bottle. That would be nice! She is a HUGELY messy eater. I go through burp cloths like crazy!! She is also drinking 4 bottles a day at the same times.

They are both doing good. If I could just get Emily to keep sleeping at night consistnetly I'd be a happy camper! Speaking of camping, we are going on our annual Memorial Day camping trip next weekend. Can't wait. It will be the girls first time at the beach and their first time with sand! I hope the weather cooperates and is nice unlike last year in which we were all wearing sweatshirts at the beach. =( Well, that's our update for now.

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