Friday, November 07, 2008

Busy Week Coming Up

My weekend is going to be crazy busy but I have a four day weekend! YEAH!! Tomorrow we are taking the kids and going to Day Out With Thomas. Then Connor and I are headed up to Victorville for two birthday parties. Lisa's twins turned four and their birthday party starts at 3pm. Then Melanie is having Dylan's birthday party at 4pm at Chuck E. Cheese.

Sunday Surbjit has to clean and get our backyard ready for the girls birthday party! He also needs to paint our new back door and he wants to move the subwoofer and speakers for our surround sound so we can push the TV back against the wall and give ourselves more room in the living room. I think I'll be keeping the kids busy!

Monday I am taking Connor to Knott's Berry Farm with Melanie & Dylan. I'm planning on spending the whole day there. Let's see if Connor will be able to hang without a nap! I'm sure he will. I'll be interested to see how well he does this time with the rides. Then on Tuesday (Veeteran's Day) the girls daycare is closed so I'll have them all day. Thankfully Connor's daycare is open so he'll go to daycare.

Wednesday I'm working. I know I know. Originally I was going to work Monday and take Wednesday off but then Melanie and I decided to take the boys to Knotts! Oh well. Thursday I'm running around getting last minute stuff bought, buy the food/drinks for the girls birthday party. Friday I have to pick up Connor's birthday cookie, get anything else done that needs to be done and clean the house. Connor's bday party is then at 7pm at Chuck E. Cheese (gee twice in one week fun!)

Then the busy/hopefully fun day. Saturday wake up, go pick up food, get everything set up, have the girls bday party and then maybe relax?? I can't wait until this next week is OVER. And I can't believe in one week and one day the girls are going to be ONE! Where did the time go??

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