Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We had a good halloween this year. As we were walking with our friends, I realized this was the first year I've been trick or treating!! Connor's first Halloween he was in bed by 7pm before any trick or treaters even showed up to our house!! Last year, I was on bedrest so I sat on our front porch handing out candy while Surbjit took Connor trick or treating. So this year was my first time I got to go trick or treating. =) The girls did awesome! They were up until 9pm and really didn't complain at all (but were VERY cranky the next day). Connor got quite a bit of candy. Anything more than one piece is quite a bit to me. We threw it all out except for the goody bag our neighbor gave to us that we knew was ok and that is just fine with me!!
Here are some pictures:


Kelly in GA said...

How cute are they?????

Heather you are looking great.

Melissa said...


I cannot believe the twins are going to be one. Time is going by so fast!