Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back at Work

So I'm back at work now. It really isn't too diffucult to leave the kids. I think I'm just use to it since I've done it for so long now with Connor. It's nice to see them when I get home though. I won't lie. =) Work is fine. It's as if I was never gone. I just got back into my routine here no problem. Only difference is I get to take the train from Buena Park now so I'm home right at 5:30 now which is nice. That's 10 mins earlier than before. And about 5 more mins of sleep on the train each way too.

Yesterday wasn't too bad but today I am just totally exhausted. Don't ask me why either. Surbjit did the night shift last night and poor guy's been up since 1 this morning. I put the kids to bed last night. Emily was passed out by 9:30pm but Taylor did not want to go to sleep. I could tell she was tired but she would just stare at me as I held her. Finally at 10:30 I was like you gotta go to bed so I put her in bed fully awake. Usually she'd cry after I did this but she didn't make a peep. Yeah! But then Emily woke up at 1am so Surbjit fed her 2 1/2 ozs (all she would take) and put her back to bed but she just kept crying out every so often that he couldn't fall back asleep and stayed up. I was dead to the world. At least Taylor slept through till 5 am this morning. Why can't we get both of them to do that at the same time though?!?

Tonight I'm going out with my working moms group for a mom's night out. We are hitting up the Melting Pot. Should be fun. I've always wanted to go and never had anyone to go with so this is perfect! It'll be a late night though because our reservations are for 8:30pm. Oh well. I'll get to take a nap this weekend (hopefully!). Or maybe I'll get to take a nap at work tomorrow. Hee hee!

Well, I should go but I want to tell you about something funny that Connor said the other day. We (Surbjit, Connor and myself) were in the kitchen and Connor was eating dinner last week. Surbjit let out this big fart. Connor looked at us and said "Daddy poo poo." We busted out laughing hysterically. It was so funny. Poor Connor though must have thought we were laughing at him because he burst out crying. My poor son. He is so sensitive sometimes. Hopefully he grows out of that.

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