Monday, July 18, 2011

Highlights 7-11-11 to 7-17-11

7-11-11: It was Bike day for the girls at school. Connor got hot lunch and water play day at daycare after summer school today. And the kids all said I cooked a very yummy meal for dinner. (Can you tell I haven't been cooking often!). We ate spaghetti and corn and bread with butter. =)

7-12-11: It was water play day for the girls. Although it was hard dropping them off. They were tired and so the crying and I don't want to go to school started. Oh well. They had fun. Connor had a field trip to Wendy's for lunch and then got to play with his water gun at school. :)

7-13-11: Connor has his first loose tooth!!! Connor also got picked up by Monica and spent the afternoon playing with Kaylee and her friend instead of going to daycare.

7-14-11: Connor had a field trip to Tutti Frutti. He enjoyed the yogurt. :) All the kids had a rough morning complaining they were tired. Story of my life. . .

7-15-11: Last day of summer school for Connor. :) He had fun. And is so excited to start his new school on Monday.

7-16-11: Connor had karate today. Then we met the Graether family at Knott's Berry Farm. We were there from Noon until almost 8pm and then went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a LOT of fun. The big boys even got to go ride on a couple of roller coasters while Susanna and I took the kids on some rides. :) It was crowded though. :(

7-17-11: Low key kinda day. Took the girls to Target with me. Then the girls had their last swimming lesson. Then we went home and I went to the grocery store. And Connor kept looking for the ice cream truck. He wants to stop the ice cream truck SO BAD!!!

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