Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer School Ends . . . Summer Day Camp Begins

Monday is the start of summer day camp (SDC) for Connor. Today is the last day of summer school at St. Pius. Since we were starting the SDC late, the director was nice enough and sent us the policies/rules and the calendar for July this past week to get us prepared for next week. Wow! Color me impressed. I mean . . . I really didn't do a lot of research per se on where to send Connor for the summer. I was concerned what with his "problems" at the beginning of kindergarten, he would have a hard time adjusting when we started something new. Hence, I wanted to send him somewhere where he would know someone. And that is how I found his SDC. A lot of kids from St. Pius go there including his BFF (Sean) and our neighbor's daughter Kaylee. But boy - I am totally impressed with all they do and the cost.

For my weekly fee he gets three - four field trips a WEEK. Granted, one day a week is going to a park but that is FUN. That is someplace new for him to go. They also go to Nickel Nickel, Build A Bear, local pool, movies etc. And I only need to send extra spending money IF I WANT. Yup - it's all included!! How cool is that?? So I know he is totally excited to start. I'll be updating on my weekly notes what he gets to do each day! That's the only way I'm going to remember all the cool things he gets to do. I'm excited for him! Now hopefully he has just as much fun as I think he will have! :)

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