Friday, July 08, 2011

July 4th Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. It started Friday with Surbjit and the kids picking me up at work and we drove to Grandma's house. That saved us time from me having to go back home and then basically passing my work again. Also probably saved time on traffic as I'm sure traffic just got worse the longer the day progressed.

So we stopped just north of the Grapevine for lunch for Surbjit and ice cream for the rest of us (it was HOT) and then trudged on our merry way. Kids didn't really nap. The girls had fallen asleep right before we stopped but didn't sleep again the rest of the trip. We finally made it to Grandma's a little after 7pm. So not too bad. About 5 hours to get there.

Saturday we woke up and filled up the inflatable pool Grandma had bought and went swimming a little bit. We basically just relaxed and Uncle Andy and Aunt Sherry came over to visit. They are moving to Florida next month so not sure when the next time we'll get to see them will be. It was nice visiting with them for a little bit.

That night we went to the Woodward Reservoir for a fireworks show. It was actully pretty cool. I never even knew there was a body of water there. We will have to check it out another time since apparantly they have camping and picnic areas etc. As long as it's not 100 degrees outside! (Yes it was 100 every single day we were there).

Sunday we got up and headed to Wal-Mart to do a litle shopping. Went out to lunch and then headed to Uncle Phil's house to visit with him and Evan. We ended up going to the trout farm and went fishing. Man - the kids did AWESOME! Connor caught like 5 fish. One of them was 17.5" long! It was huge (and delicious!). Emily caught a couple and even Taylor - after saying no she didn't want to fish - decided to try fishing and caught a fish. We went back to Uncle Phil's and he cooked the fish up (and some hamburger and hot dogs) and we had a feast.

Monday was the 4th of July. The kids went back into the swimming pool and had a blast. Uncle Phil and Evan came over and we all had a water balloon and water hose fight. It was lots of fun. =) We caught so much fish yesterday we BBQd more (along with hamburgers and hot dogs). It was a fun day! And we even got Evan to wear shorts. LOL! (He hates wearing short. ;) ) Phil and Evan needed to go home before it got dark so we set off some fireworks before dinner. Not quite the same but you could still see the pretty colors. :) We also had some left so we waited for dark and we got to see some of them at night too. Very pretty!

Tuesday, we left around 8 am to drive home. The weekend went way too fast! Made it home in 5 hours and stopped at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. It was Yummy!!! After lunch we all got into the pool at home and played for almost three hours!!! Lots of fun. It was a great weekend!!

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