Saturday, July 09, 2011


I wanted to update on our learning to swim progress. I guess I didn't mention last year about Connor and his screaming crying not wanting to participate in swim lessons. It was horrible. I was "that" parent. Ugh. He did much better by then end of the two weeks but freaked out if his face got wet.

Fast forward to this year. We decided he needed private swim lessons or the same thing was probably going to happen. So we did. And he did pretty good! Still was afraid to get his face wet but the swim instructor got him to and he was dunking his head up to 10 times a class! Yeah!

We decided to put a small pool in our backyard. An intex pool. It's worked out GREAT. Connor has no problem dunking his head! Has no problem getting dunked (yes Daddy does that of course.). And the girls are making progress too. If they slip under the water there is no screaming anymore! They just wipe their face off and move on. The girls still don't want to do it on purpose where as Connor will time after time but that's ok. :) It's all about progress.

Now Emily is BEGGING to be in the turtles & tadpoles class but it's for 4 year olds. Hmm. So we are thinking of doing private lessons for Connor and Emily together. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

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