Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Day Camp

Well, I am totally impressed with all that Connor can and will do at his summer day camp. The director is SO nice too. :) It seems like it is really small. Surbjit said he only saw 15 names yesterday on the sign out sheet. Connor was totally excited about going and getting to do so many things. He gets to bring his scooter. He brought his Nintendo DS to school today. He was SO excited to go on the bus today. His BFF from Kindergarten is also there and he said he played with him all day yesterday. I asked if he made any new friends and his reply was, "Not today. I will tomorrow." He is so funny.

He can bring money to school and use it to buy snacks/lunch at break time. And they have craft stuff that he can purchase for like 25 cents depending on what he wants to do (he was interested in making a lanyard today it seemed). So all in all, they have a lot of stuff for the kids to do and they get to run around a lot which I know he loves.  Before I know it, the summer will be over! I think Connor is having a blast. He was so excited to show his sisters around his rooms when I dropped him off today. :)

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