Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Notes - July 18 to July 24

7-18 Today was Connor's first day at his summer day camp. :) I had no problems dropping him off. It was Rock Star Center day and the director said they were going to bake brownies today. Yum!!! The twins had a horse jumper at their school.

7-19 Connor got to go to Nickel Nickel today with SDC. He was so excited. He also has his scooter at school to play with AND he gets to bring his Nintendo DS (although I just realized that he somehow changed it to French so I need to look at that and change it back to English!). The kids were in the pool when I got home so I joined them for 1/2 hour. Great way to cool off on a hot day!

7-20 Today the girls got to get their pictures taken with a pony. Well Emily did. Taylor didn't. Today Connor went roller skating. AND Connor said he wanted his training wheels off his bike and started riding on two wheels! He hasn't mastered it yet, but it won't be long! He is doing pretty darn good!!!

7-21 Today is water play day at the girls school. But Taylor didn't participate. She didn't want to. Not sure what's up with that chick lately. Connor was going to Clark park today. Apparantly the bus broke down at the park. Oops. They were able to get the kids back to school in cars but yikes! Drove to Santee Lakes for our camping trip!

7-22 Camping at Santee Lakes!!! We went fishing, we went in the pool and we watched a movie on a projector at our campsite.

7-23  We got Connor to ride his bike and he is doing GREAT! He didn't want to at first and would only ride his scooter but we talked him into it - and then he wouldn't stop riding. ;) Gotta love it! We went to the spraygound and went swimming in the pool too.

7-24 Came home from camping. Rode the bikes around the block (all three including Taylor which was great since she didn't ride her bike once while we were camping).

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Grandma said...

Great week. You are all so busy. Keep up the good work kids. Hang in there mom and dad

Luv, Grandma