Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And They Are All Signed Up . . .

to start preschool/daycare!!! We finally found one we liked and bonus - the girls are going to go there too! So for the fleeting year we have, they will all be at the same place. LOL! We decided on Crescent Ave Christian Preschool. We were limited in that I need to drop the kids off around 6:30am. So anyone that opens 7am or later were out. But we were able to view 6 different preschools. Three that were Christian based and three that were not. Being as Surbjit and I are both different religions it was not really my intent to send them to a Christian school. However, it opens up so much more options for us if we looked at them. And in the end, their curriculum was one of the best. Their day is not entirely focused on christian learning but it's there in the background. And we do not have a problem with this. I guess this will just mean we'll have to bring them to Surbjit's place of worship and let them start learning about his religion too.

In any case, they all start on September 8th (day after labor day). I can't believe I have a year and then Connor will be starting Kindergarten! My gosh. It seems like yesterday that we just had him. He is certainly growing up. And the girls are definitely asserting their opinions! They still aren't talking much (especially Emily but it's because she refuses too that stubborn stubborn girl!). Taylor has started repeating most words that I say to her and is coming along a lot easier than her sister. I am worried about the change in daycares. It will be an adjustment for them. I'm not too worried about Connor. I think he'll enjoy the change. I know he likes going to Pratima's but he has outlasted the usefulness there and I think he knows it. He'll be around a group of kids all his age and able to make lots of new friends and have tons of fun. So wish us luck. I have lots of paperwork to fill out and I plan on bringing the kids by the preschool in August sometime so they can check it out and visit and meet their teachers. I hope it goes smoothly!

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