Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Events

Didn't do much this weekend. We went to the Buena Park Farmer's Market at the mall on Saturday morning. It was going to be a hot day so we got there early. Bigi, Uncle Harjinder and Aria joined us. Connor was a little pill in the beginning (gotta love the terrible threes) but we got some good fruits and veggies and the twins and Connor got to go in the Petting Zoo. Ok, it wasn't much of a petting zoo. Just some goats, 2 pigs and a bunch of bunnies. But hey, it entertained the kids. They even have a pony ride but Connor wouldn't ride. I don't know why. He rode the horse when we went to the Petting Zoo in San Juan a couple months ago. So we were there for a little over an hour. Then we went back home and played, napped (or attempted to nap). Then we played and the kids went to bed while Surbjit and I went out.

Sunday, Surbjit wasn't feeling good so he stayed in bed all day. The kids and I and Bigi played in the house all morning. It was gonna be another hot day and I didn't want the kids (or should I say Taylor) to overheat. Plus Emily is just getting over an ear infection. The kids all napped (thankfully unlike Saturday) and I got to run to the grocery store. Got back and continued to play until dinner time inside the house. Everyone went to bed. So it was a long stuck inside the house kind of weekend.

Surbjit went to the Doctor today and apparently he has the flu. Let's hope it doesn't go through the house. He's been pretty good about staying away from the kids so that helps. Bigi has been coming over at night to help while I take Connor to his swim lessons. We were going camping this weekend but have cancelled since Surbjit will still not be 100%. We may go visit our friends for the day but we won't have to load the motorhome and everything so it'll be easier. We'll see. It seems this is the year of cancelled camping trips. Hopefully next year with Surbjit having vacation time and the kids being older, we won't have to cancel and can plan better than we have this year. I know it'll get easier as the kids get older.

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