Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Well, I haven't really dedicated a whole post to just Connor in awhile so let me do that now. =) We started swim lessons on Monday. After BEGGING and BEGGING to go when his sisters were going last week, we get there and all he does is scream and cry because he is scared. So Monday, not so good. Said he didn't even want to go back again. I said fine, I'll take Emily. He said OK. WHAT?!?! Uh uh, no he is NOT quitting. So I got home from work yesterday and he waiting at the front door in his swim suit raring to go to the pool. Cool! Surbjit had already made dinner so I quickly ate (It was delicious and awesome since I didn't have to cook! I could get use to that!) and then we headed out the door. At first he was a little sketchy. But we got in and he was fine! We used the kick board and he kicked all over the place. We sang a couple songs and got use to the water. He went down the steps (he LOVES to play on the steps but I try not to let him stay there since technically people are trying to get in and out there and it's not safe and he can get in the way). He also started talking to the lifeguard in charge of the class too. Sweet! We were kicking around around and he's yelling." Girl, girl". I look up and I say "if you want to talk to her call her by her name Jenna." So he says"Jenna look at me! I'm kicking FAST!".

So yesterday was a good swim day! He even sort of floated on his back. He didn't want to put his head back but I saw most of the kids in the class don't do that. It's probably their age. So after swim he ran some errands with me. We went to Target. I was pulling a shopping cart out and two ended up coming together. I wanted the second one because the first had trash in it. I was getting ready to wheel the second one towards the store and Connor says," Mommy, we have to put this one with its friends." And he's pushing the first cart towards the others that are sitting at the front of the store. Another lady was getting a cart and she started laughing. =) He is just too funny.

So we ran errands. He is my little helper and not much of a pain or a I want that type of child. He got two t-shirts while we were there but they were $2 each on sale. =) Couldn't pass it up. Hopefully tonight at swim is just as fun! He really wants to go down the slide but I think we have to wait until Friday.

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