Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fourth of July

We went to our friends Jeff and Romy's house for the the 4th of July. Their daughter and grandson are the same age as Connor so we knew he would have fun playing all day long! We took the motorhome and camped outside their house since the twins would definitely need a nap and probably go to bed before the fireworks (which they did). So it all worked out great. We rented a jumper for the kids and they had a little baby pool set up so the kids ran back and forth between the baby pool and jumper all day long. The twins played with all Katrina's toys and had fun but were very tired and ended up going to bed before 7pm. We couldn't start fireworks until after 8pm because it was still light out. But Connor had lots of fun. I do have pictures to share. I just need to download them from the camera.

The girls must be either teething or growing. Emily has been crying out at night and last week two night woke up and we had to go in there and comfort. Friday night was horrible! I ended up sleeping on their floor, sleeping with Connor, back to sleeping on the twins floor with Taylor than to waking up. Ugh. Needless to say it was a good thing it was not a work day. I'm hoping they grow out of this phase.

We are in the middle of preschool shopping. We narrowed it down to two yesterday and I called the licensing agency this morning and I think based on that call we have made a decision. We are going to discuss more tonight. With the twins in one daycare and Connor in another it would get GREAT to get them all at one place. Not to mention more convenient but I do understand also it's only for one more year and then Connor starts Kindergarten! GASP!! I can't believe my baby is growing up.

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