Friday, July 24, 2009

So what's been going on???

Not much. I'm in the middle of daycare paperwork. Fun. NOT! I filled out most of the paperwork for Connor, now I have to work on Taylor and Emily. Plan was to do one a night and be done in three nights but I went running the last two night and forgot about it. Tonight is a rest day so maybe I can get another one done tonight. :sigh: I HATE paperwork.

Things are going OK. We are "trying" to get the girl dependence on their binkies reduced. I mean these girls love them their binkies. So far this week, doing good. I'm worried for the weekend when we won't let them have them during the day. This week, we didn't have them during the day and I'm SURE they had them at daycare. Taylor though has realized we are not letting her have them in the morning anymore and stopped going to look in her crib for them. She would actually reach through the slats and grab them or cry until I came to give it to her. I've started hiding them under the blankets at the far end so 1.) they can't see them and 2.) they can't reach them. So far it's working. After the first two days, she doesn't even go in there anymore to look for them.

Emily is starting to learn too. But that girl! Last night she got really worked up. All she wants is for me to hold her and walk her around. I can't even sit down and have her sit in my lap. NO - she wants me moving around with her. Uh uh. I am not her legs. She got SO worked up last night and Surbjit had a headache so he put her in her crib and closed the door. I was thinking great, now she is going to have her binkies so of course she'll calm down. She did calm down. I went there and asked if she was ready to get out. She nodded her head. Of course, she had a binkie in her mouth and FOUR binkie's in her hand (she LOVES to carry them. At night, she has to have one in each hand when going to sleep!). I said she had to leave her binkies in the crib. She shook her head no and started freaking out again. So I left the room. She calmed down. I went back in there. I said are you ready to get out now? She shook her head yes and dropped the binkies in her hand. I told her she had to get rid of the one in her mouth too (if I let her go out with that binkie then Taylor would start freaking out because she would want one too). She shook her head no and proceeded to start freaking out AGAIN. So I left the room. She calmed down. I went back in and asked if she was ready to get out. She shook her head yes and took the binkie out of her mouth and dropped it in the crib. Mom - 1 Emily - 0.

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