Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

It was absolutely beautiful this past weekend in Southern CA!! It was so nice. It was almost like the beginning of summer. I had a stroller walk planned for Tri-City park with my working Mom's group so I was planning on taking the girls and leaving Connor with Daddy to do whatever. I told Surbjit, if he wanted we all could go and he could take Connor to the playground to play. And that's what we ended up doing. =) Bigi even came over and met us since that park is really close to their house. So I walked (3 laps at .6 miles a lap so 1.8 miles!) and they went and played on the playground. Let me tell you, it got HOT!! So that was a nice fun day. In the afternoon, Connor played outside in the backyard while we sat at the patio table and the girls slept. It was nice to just sit and relax and enjoy the kids.

This weekend will be the girls first camping trip (if they can stay healthy). They might be getting sick though. I thought I was in the clear with Connor getting them sick since they hadn't shown any signs but they are sounded congested. No snot or runny noses yet though so let's keep our fingers crossed. I turned the heat down in the house at night thinking maybe it's dry and that's what's doing to them. Who knows.

Connor and potty training - what's that?? He still has very limited interest in it. He does go every night before getting his PJs on so that's a start. And he gets an M&M every time he goes. So you'd think he'd tell me more. He did tell me Saturday evening he had to go potty and we went in the bathroom and he did go! And he still went before bedtime too. So I guess baby steps. He still won't let us know when he goes poop. His new thing is when we ask him if he went poop he says " I didn't I didn't!" And he's very adament about it too (even when he did go poop!). Oh well.

The girls were cranky yesterday. Not sure if it's because they didn't get a lot of sleep yesterday or because they are getting sick. Not sure. We put them bed by 10pm and they slept till 4am so that was nice. I could tell they were exhausted they would just keep waking up so I was happy they slept the whole night in their room. Maybe they just needed the quiet dark to stay asleep.

Well, that's about it for now. I can't wait to go camping this weekend although I'm not looking forward to packing the motorhome. Just when we got it to where we didn't need to pack everything and the kitchen sink because Connor was older we are back to doing that again. Oh well. Such is life! It'll get easier again in a few months!!!

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Kara said...

So happy to see you on my blog! Sounds like things are crazy and all over the place for you too. :) hang in there.