Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Camping Trip

Was great! Ok, not great but great. It was a beauitful weekend! I couldn't ask for anything more. It was nice enough that I actually was able to bring the girls outside on Saturday and sit outside enjoying the fresh air! I was even outside with Taylor on Sunday. Emily didn't get to come out because she fell asleep in the swing and I didn't want to move her.

So we ended up not getting to camp until 6pm on Friday. We left at 1pm. Traffic sucked! And the poor kids stuck in their car seats. Connor napped for a whole hour on the entire ride there. The girls basically slept the whole time but woke up when we stopped for gas. That was a JOKE. There were so many motorhomes and truck/trailers that it was a mad house trying to get gas. I ended up having to drive the truck (we were towing it behind the motorhome) away from the gas pumps so Surbjit wasn't blocking this guy in and so he could manuever better. UGH!! Of course that also meant Surbjit was stuck with three crying kids while he was fueling up. As soon as we hooked back up and got going, I fed the girls in their car seats. We had about 45 mins more until we got to camp from that point.

We got to camp and figured out where we were going to park and stuff and got the motorhome set up for camping. Surbjit took Connor outside with him to play while I took care of the girls. They both came inside after Surbjit finished setting up what he could outside and we got Connor ready for bed and let him watch Thomas & Friends. He did not go to bed until 10:30!!!! Let's just say Connor didn't sleep much this weekend.

We put the girls in their beds about that time too and we all went to bed. Connor woke up in the middle of the night crying so we brought him into bed with us. Then like an hour later one of the girls woke up so I fed her. It was constantly like that all night. I don't think we got much more than an hour sleep at a time. We got up with the girls at 6 am and Connor ended up sleeping until 7am.

In the morning, Surbjit took Connor in his truck and they went 4x4 ing. They had Curtis and Braeden in the truck with them. Connor wanted to do everything Braeden was doing. It was fun to watch him this weekend playing and interacting with other kids. He does really well. I just basically hung out with the girls all weekend. It was nice.

The ride home was basically the same as the ride there except it took an hour less! But we have decided no more 3 hour (what it's supposed to take us) camping trips with the girls this small. It's just too much for them. They were really fussy both when we got there and when we got home. I wouldn't be happy sitting in the carseat that long either.

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