Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Connor's First Trip to Knott's

So I took Connor to Knott's Berry Farm for the first time on Monday. I figured since the girls daycare was still open on Monday but Connor's wasn't, this would be the perfect time to have Connor and Mommy time. So I talked to Melanie to see if her and Dylan wanted to do something with us and we decided on Knott's!

We got there and all Connor wanted to do was ride the choo-choo train. So we found the choo-choo train first. When the ride was over, he started to cry. He didn't want to leave. I had to explain to him that we had to take turns and ours was over but we could go back on it later. That seemed to calm him down. Then we saw the race cars and he wanted to ride the race cars. We got to watch them go once. I was a little skeptical about him liking it. It basically moves in an oval and when you get to the end turns it flings you around. I wasn't too sure if he would like that. He seemed pretty unsure at first but about halfway through he gave me his little oh look like wow this is fun. And when we got off he was fine and said he had fun!

Then we saw a school bus and Dylan wanted to ride that so we asked Connor. At first he said no but I think when he saw Dylan going towards it, he wanted to ride it. So we got on. We didn't have the benefit of seeing this ride go once through though. It started and it goes up and around kind like the pirate ship. He wasn't too into this. We started singing the Wheels on the Bus and he calmed down a little but thankfully the ride didn't last long.

Then we saw the Big Trucks and he wanted to ride on that. Of course halfway through the ride he says all done! I'm like no we still have a little way to go. He was fine. Then we went back on the train ride again. We asked him if he wanted to go in the bounce house and he said, no it's too big. =)

After the train ride again we decided to go on the merry go round. He said he wanted to ride the zebra so we got on the zebras. He wanted to almost immediately get off but I distracted him and we ended up riding the whole time trying to beat Dylan and Melanie. =) Then we went to get some food. We ate at the little diner. I still can't believe how expensive food is there. It was $13 for one cheeseburger, fries and a drink. Connor and I shared! After lunch we went to find the Big choo-choo train. Unfortunately they had some sort of oldie type bus instead of the train so it didn't look like a train. But it was right by the Calico Mine Ride which looks exactly like a train. So Connor wanted to go on that. I wasn't sure if he'd like it because it's basically all in the dark. So we waited in line (which wasn't too much). When we got to the front, we had to wait for the next train but Connor started going underneath the barrier he wanted to ride NOW. We got on and he was all excited to go. When they blew the whistle he was so excited. He rode the whole thing and did not cry once! When we got off I asked if he liked it and he said yes. When we got off and were walking by again and said we'd go on the train ride again (thinking the train in Camp Snoopy) he wanted to ride that one again! So I think he liked it. =)

So then we went back to Camp Snoopy and rode the train one more time and then we left. It was a good day. He listened for the most part and was a good boy. I'd definitely take him back with me again. It was neat to see it from his perspective.

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