Friday, February 01, 2008

Halleleuiah I feel like a rested woman!!!!

Wow, I actually got a great night sleep last night! WOO HOO!! Who'd of thunk it! So last night we put the girls to bed. Emily seemed like she did not want to go bed although we could tell she was really really tired. So we put her in bed and she cried for about 10-15 mins and was asleep. I put Taylor to bed and she didn't make a peep. I believe they were both in bed before 9pm. THEY SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!! I did hear them cry out during the night. I'd hear someone cry out. I'd look at the monitor to see who it was and neither of the girls was moving so I could never tell who it was. I actually woke up at 3:30am and was like gee, you mean I still have another hour to sleep. =) It was awesome!

Unfortunately though, Connor ended up in bed with us. He has caught a cold so my little germ factory has a stuffy nose, etc. Poor guy. So he ended up in bed with us around 11:30 or 12:30 I think. I can't remember. And I actually slep fine with him in between us. He's gotten a lot better and doesn't move around as much when he sleeps now (thankfully!) but I guess Surbjit was telling me he was digging into him at some point during the night and he didn't sleep very well with Connor there.

The bad thing about him being in our bed - we both got up and got dressed. Surbjit was taking a shower and I was feeding Emily and I hear thump, thump thump thump. I knew immediately it was Connor getting out of our bed. Sure enough, here he comes all bleary eyed into the living room. You could tell he was tired and not feeling 100% but as soon as he woke up, you couldn't tell he was sick at all playing and walking around and just being Connor. It was really nice to see him this morning before i left for work. Although the stinker wouldn't give me a hug. But he did say I love you without me telling him too. =) Melts my heart. =)

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