Wednesday, July 09, 2008

4th of July

We had a good 4th. Ended up going over to Romy and Jeff's so the kids could play together (Connor, Katrina, and Dylon). And Gina and Curtis ended up over there too so Braeden joined in. Connor just LOVES playing with Braeden so I'm glad they were able to make it. We got there around dinner time and had yummy kabobs and rice. The kids got to play in the pool and the swing set. Then after it got dark (a little after 8pm) we set off some fireworks. They sure don't last long. Taylor and Emily did really good. Emily ended up falling asleep in the stroller while we were watching the fireworks and Taylor fell asleep in my arms. Here are some pictures:

Mommy & Taylor

Bruno's (Romy's brother's) girlfriend & Emily

Breaden & Connor

Bruno "Now Emily let me tell you about . . ."

Watching the fireworks (You can see Gina and Lyndsey at the front of the fence on the left and Jeff standing up).

Watching the fireworks
Front: Dylon & Connor
Back: Friend of Romy's, Taylor, Emily, Me, Romy, Katrina

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