Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Change of Plans

So we are supposed to go on vacation (camping of course!) next week. What started out as a weekend in Ventura, turned into a week vacation in Buelton/Ventura, turned into a week vacation in San Diego.

This is how it all started. We forgot, being that reservations for the month of July start January 2nd, to make reservations for July. So Surbjit remembering that night started looking to see if anything was available. He had seen a post in one of his camping forums he frequents about Emma Wood State Beach. It just so happened they had spots available so he picked a weekend in July (17th - 20th) and booked two sites. Fastforward a month and we get the schedule for the twins daycare. It just so happens she is taking her week vacation July 14th - 18th. Hey, I said, let's make it a full week at Emma Wood. Surbjit responds, you know it's no hook ups right? I said, well let's figure out somewhere to stay before Emma Wood up in that area with hook ups. There is no way I'm camping with two infants and a toddler with no hookups for a week. Uh uh, no way. So we decide on Flying Flags in Buellton.

Now fastforward to the beginning of July. The Gap Fire. It started in Goleta, CA. That's not that far from Buellton or Santa Barbara. We had planned on hitting up the South Coast Railroad Musuem in Goleta and the Santa Barbara zoo. But the Gap Fire - it's only 55% contained as of today. I can only imagine the air quality. So, we start thinking of what else can we do? And San Diego comes to mind. After searching through several tens of campgrounds, we found All Season Campground and made reservations. I'm so excited. We are going to hit up Legoland, Wild Animal Park and Sea World. Let's just hope the girls cooperate and Connor has fun. Well, I know Connor will have fun, let's hope the girls cooperate. =D And let's hope this campground is ok. There isn't much online about this campground so we are going to brave it. It seems nice. They have a pool and a small playground plus a lake. So I'm sure it'll be fine.

Speaking of campgrounds, not being able to find adequate information on campgrounds reminds me of my idea to start setting up a website area for campground reviews and PICTURES!!! It's always nice to see pictures of what you are going to go to if you haven't been there before. So hopefully I'll remember and can start that project.

So we'll be on vacation the 13th - 19th. I'll have TONS of pictures I'm sure. Hopefully I will be faster at sharing them than normal! ;-)

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