Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emily, Emily, Emily

So last night I was working on a scrapbook page (oh my gosh! You mean I might actually have the girls scrapped before their first birthday! WoW! Do you see pigs flying?!?) and I used the cute photo of Emily I took yesterday of her smiling and I did a July Highlight page. I was writing down all the things she does, one of them being sleeping through the night. Well um, why did I have to go and do that?? So I was up late (10pm) and finally went to bed. Right when I was falling asleep, Emily starts crying. I go in, give her her binkie. No dice. I go back in, move her, turn on her music, give her her binkie. Nope. Gonna have to make a bottle. Thankfully (for me that is), Surbjit had taken a nap after the kids went to bed so was wide awake and did the feeding while I went back to bed. I'll have you know, she ate 4 ozs and then still gobbled down 6 more this morning (where usually she'll eat the 4 ozs less the next morning). Apparantly she really is trying to catch up with her sister!!!

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