Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And to get back to the regularly scheduled programming . ..

Since I still don't have pictures to share but I do have news I thought I'd post about it. I did download all 322 pictures from our camping trip. =) So I'll be e-mailing them when I get a chance to upload them to kodakgallery. So bear with me. But in news . . .

Emily has started crawling!! It's just a nudge here and there but I bet within two weeks, we'll be having to figure out how to contain her!!! And she is clapping! It is so darn CUTE!!! I can't stand it. Just thinking about her clapping I smile. And both her and Taylor are waving. Still not on cue but they can wave bye-bye. Now to just get them to do it when I say bye-bye.

Taylor is still my little laid back lazy girl. Oh well. Maybe once she sees her sister crawling and getting places (although Taylor has no problem getting around. She rolls everywhere!) she'll start too. Only time will tell.

Emily LOVES to feed herself the puffs. Taylor looks at them with disdain. It's like you actually expect me to feed myself? And yesterday after we fed them "dinner" we always give them a bottle, Emily was actually holding her own. Of course, when I went to get the camera she stopped holding it and expected me to hold it.

I can't believe they are 8 months already. It came and went while we were camping. They still amaze me with every new thing they learn. Although they aren't near where Connor was at, at this age, they are doing just fine. Connor was just ahead of himself. =) And it's nice that I've actually been able to sit down and not worry too much about them getting into things. With Connor, I never got to sit down after he turned 5 months! It's been a hard 8 months but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Would I wish twins on anyone?? HELL NO but do I feel blessed that I have them? YES!!


Outnumbered said...

Congrats Emily on the crawling!! Wow, they sure are growing up fast!

joannabug said...

Congrats on crawling! Ian is crawling, too, but Elanor just isn't that interested in it.

I was in shock for almost a week, actually I haven't completely recovered yet, once Ian started crawling. Let me just say, every dust bunny you didn't know you had and every scrap of food that somehow didn't get swept up will become finger food if you don't watch out. :-)