Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Taylor's Check Up

So today Taylor went in for her check up. Because of the arm fiasco, she didn't have her shots so I had to still get them done. Ugh. After two weeks I was finally able to get in (doc was on vacation, then jury duty). So we went in. I was also able to get their full stats from last time:

15 lbs

15 lbs 9 ozs

It appears that Emily is catching up to her sister! When they weighed Taylor today it was 16 lbs 11 ozs. But she was fully clothed. I couldn't imagine she gained a full lb since the last time but who knows. Anyway, she was a trooper although she looked at the nurse like," I know who you are and i know what you do." But she didn't cry at all until the stick of the needle. Her appt was done by 3:30pm so I went and picked up Emily and we came home and played. Here are some pictures. I got some great pictures!

Emily "Hi Mom!"

Taylor "Can't you see I like my book"
This book, it's a good thing I have two! They fight over this thing if only one is out!!!
Emily "Hey that toy is MINE now!"
As you can see it took a little bit to get them both to sit up and smile at the same time. Taylor kept falling back but I did succed!!
"Hey Mom! Sure we'll smile for you!!"

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