Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Things I've learned

Ok, I wanted to write this down before I forget. Three things I've learned from this RV camping trip.

1.) When reserving with Flying Flags RV Park (eta: or actually ANY park that uses as thier reservation company) - do so in person (i.e. over the phone). We made our reservations over the internet. Great and easy right? Except when you cancel. I called and cancelled the Wednesday before we were due to go. No problem. They cancelled my reservation and I would get back all my money. It's now almost two weeks later and it's still not on my credit card account. So I called. Since I did it online, the company that does their online stuff has to give us the credit. Flying Flags has my cancellation into them but it's the online company that has to refund my money. Great. Can you say dispute is in my future. ugh.

2.) Find and read online reviews. We were all set to make reservations at the Escondido RV resort based on what we saw online. Then I searched and found some reviews. Not so nice reviews. So we didn't stay there. Glad we didn't! We checked it out since we were in the area. Definitely not for us. And in this regards, it's also made me aware, I need to start writing my own reviews of our campgrounds. So stay tuned!

3.) Try and NOT go to an RV campground sight unseen. We almost went home after checking in at All Seasons Campground. We ended up with a GREAT spot but the first spot we were given was not wide enough and we would not have been able to open our slides. NOT acceptable. But the final site we ended up with was twice as wide and twice as deep so it was awesome! Again, stay tuned for a report and pictures. =)

So all in all, we had a great vacation. The kids did great (although they all caught a cold). But we had fun and went to Legoland and Sea World. Shamu was a hit with Connor (not so much Taylor as she slept through the whole thing). But I will give details later as time permits and I will try and download all pictures tonight for sharing.

ETA: Wow, who knew I'd get traffic by posting this, LOL! I guess I will be updating on my progress of my refund. I've called reservationfriend today and left a message. If I don't get a call back by this afternoon I'll call again and then I'll call Flying Flags back and talk with Dan (thank you Dan for being so proactive!! I haven't even stayed at your campground but this definitely means I won't cross you off my list. We really want to go check you guys out!) So stay TUNED!! =) For update go HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Heather,
I am the general manager at Flying Flags and everything you said is true and very good advice. Reviews are an incredible way to get a feel for a resort before you go and we encourage all of our guests to write one.

As far as your refund goes, please give us another call. Friend Communications (our internet reservations service) processes those within 72 hours. If you did not receive it yet, we could have dropped the ball on that part of your cancelation, or they could have a problem. Either way, we can track that down for you.
-Dan Baumann
Resort Manager
Flying Flags RV Resort