Monday, December 01, 2008

A GREAT Thanksgiving

So we had a great thanksgiving. Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful camping trip. My idea of a great camping trip is when the weather is just perfect that you don't need to run the heat or a/c during the day. And that is what we got! Well except for Saturday. It was pretty warm in the sun so I had to run the a/c while the girls were napping.

We left Wednesday night in the rain. Well, it wasn't really raining at our house yet but it started raining while we were driving. And did it rain. I mean it POURED. I was getting kinda worried it was going to be pouring where we were camping and since the way in is a DIRT road I was thinking we had a possibility of it being mud and us getting stuck. However, when we got closer to Yucca Valley, the rain stopped. We stopped for gas there and as we were leaving, it started raining again. We must have out drove it and then we stopped and it caught up to us. So we got to camp around 10pm. Not bad. We left the house at 7pm and hit a bunch of traffic on the 91 so 3 hours isn't bad. The girls had woken up in Yucca Valley when we stopped for gas so they were up and raring to go. So we set up camp and started getting everything inside ready for bed. We let the girls roam around (and had to keep telling them NO because the stairs just looked so tempting to them!). We let everyone play until about 11pm and then we all headed to bed (remember Bigi came with us too!)

The next morning the girls woke us up bright and early at 7am. Wouldn't you think they'd sleep in since they didn't get a full nights sleep??? Oh well. Thanksgiving morning was bright and sunny. No rain clouds left in the sky! YEAH!! We woke up, had breakfast and Surbjit got to set up outside finally. Connor went outside and got to play with Roxanne and Seth. Then everyone but me and the girls went on a ride out to the marine base (shh!) and gathered some "finds" - empty casings, empty ammunition boxes, etc. I stayed back since the girls were napping and waited for our last friends to arrive. They got there and when everyone else came back from the ride, we started cooking dinner. Let me tell you, that deep fried turkey - - - YUMMY!! Especially if you are a skin person. Oh, it was SOOOO good. So we all gathered our dinner and ate inside our friends trailer.

Friday started another beautiful day. Surbjit got to finally go on a ride in his quad and the girls played outside and Connor played with Braeden most of the day and Roxanne too. Saturday was more of the same. We left for home Sunday morning after breakfast. Did good time too, never hit any traffic and was home in less than 3 hours.

So all in all, a GREAT camping trip, beautiful weather and Emily is walking so much more now. She is still crawling but is now leaning towards walking more. =) And Taylor is still my lazy girl that won't stand unless she wants too! We had fun and can't wait to go camping again!

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