Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Year Check Up

So we went for the one year checkup today. Emily has surpassed her sister! Not by much though.

Emily 19 lbs 11 ozs
Taylor 19 lbs 9 ozs

Emily 29.5"
Taylor 29.25"

They are both in the 50%tile for height and about the 15%tile for weight. He said they could eat more. HA! They both eat like cows! But he said they are both fine and he doesn't see anything to be worried about. They both got 3 shots and then had blown drawn for lead levels and hemoglobin check. I think it's funny he brought up the lead level check. Last year when I had Connor's 2 year well baby check up, I pushed to have his lead levels checked. The doctor said I didn't have to but if I'd feel better we'd do it so we did. Now this year he brought it up with the girls and said due to all the stuff coming out of China that they are checking all kids now. I think that's good. I don't think the kids think that. Or the poor ladies who are drawing their blood. Let me tell you, the lady who drew the blood from the girls did awesome. One prick and they were in and took two vials of blood. Poor girls. But they were troopers and if you look at them now, you'd never know they went through all that. I'm glad they are troopers!

So two down, one to go. Connor's appt is tomorrow. I'm hoping to take him to see Santa tomorrow afterward. Maybe it'll lessen the sting of the shot he's going to get!

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