Thursday, December 18, 2008

It is THAT time of year

And by that I mean, cold season. Poor Emily. Ok, Connor got it first but he's older and deals with it. Not that Emily isn't dealing with it. She is still running all over the place. Her eyes are watering, her nose is running, and even her mouth is running. She is DRENCHING bibs by the minute. No joke. I swear I put a bib on her and 10 mins later it's SOAKED. And it's not snot, it's drool. I thought I felt her fourth tooth coming in last week but I haven't stuck my finger in her mouth lately. So anyway, Emily is sick, Connor is getting over his. He just has the cough and occasional snotty nose. And my dear Taylor - nothing so far. I'm hoping it stays that way but unfortunately with Taylor and Emily's likeness of switching binkies, I don't see that happening. UGH.

Tonight is my work Christmas party. Can't wait. It'll be nice to get out of the house with just adults Surbjit and I. Bigi is coming over and watching the kids. We'll get the girls to bed and then leave. My mom is coming down on Sunday. I'm hoping she makes it okay. Weather around here has been horrible! All the major freeways (5, 14 & 15) were shut down yesterday due to snow. Yup - you heard me right. Snow. My mom has to take the 5 to get here so I'm sure she'll see snow on her way in. There isn't supposed to be another storm until Monday so hopefully she sneaks in just in time. Good thing she isnt' coming today like originally planned!

Still haven't taken the kids to see Santa. :sigh: Why does this time of year have to be so busy? And I've barely decorated the inside of our house. We have our small Christmas tree up and that's it! In the coming years I know it will be easier to get things done as the kids will be older but still. Oh well.

The kids have their well baby check ups next week. The girls are on the 12/23 and Connor is 12/24. Merry Christmas - LOL! When I called back in Oct, that was the first dates they had available for well baby checkups. :sigh: I'm looking forward though to seeing heights/weights and percentiles on them all. I know the girls are small but how small and how tall. Connor too.

Well, I will try and upload some pictures this weekend from my family visit last week. Too much to do and NOT enough time. ugh!

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