Monday, December 22, 2008

Potty Training

So in my ever infinite wisdom, I chose last weekend to start potty training Connor. Why do I do this the weekend before Christmas?? Because I have nothing else to do with my time?? Partly because: a) it needed to get done and b) my loving husband demanded it get done. Well not so much demanded but requested rather strongly that he needs to be potty trained. So i guess now the question is how did Connor do?? Saturday started bright and early. We went through SEVEN pairs of underwear and SEVEN pairs of pants/shorts. He pooped TWICE in his underwear and went pee pee 5 - 6 times in them. Sunday we started AGAIN. Not ONE accident all day. He did NOT poop in the potty but I put him in a pull up for nap Sunday (where I did not on Saturday as I didn't want to confuse him the first day) with his underwear over the pull up and that's when he pooped so at least he didn't ruin a pair of underwear. But he never pee'd in his underwear all day. I kept setting the timer on the kitchen stove for 20 mins and every time it went off, "Connor let's go pee pee!". We'll see how he does today at daycare. Yikes! I sent four pairs of underwear and pants with him. :sigh: At least come this week he is home Wednesday - Monday - so maybe we can finalize it and get him to pee pee in the potty all the time now. That would be the BEST Christmas gift I could have ever got!

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Spitmonkey said...

Ugh, potty training was such a pain. Good luck with it! Once it clicks with him, it'll go smoothly! Poo took Sydney the longest (mostly because she thought it was fun to have "a tail" in her undies... *sigh*). Setbacks happen, and it's two steps forward, one step back! :D